Cost Effective Disclosure Services Scotland

We are a service that oversees and countersigns PVG applications on behalf of individuals and organisations.

 We are here to take away the headaches involved in the time consuming and confusing process of completing and applying for PVG memberships.

This allows you to go about your own business without having to keep abreast of the latest changes and legislations.

We Make the Disclosure Process Simple
There are many employed, self employed, and voluntary positions, where people are required to apply for some level of official check to make sure they’re a suitable person for the position. If you employ or manage people in these positions, you are responsible for making sure these checks are done. If you’re working for yourself, you are responsible for complying with the legislation.

The checking procedure is carried out by Disclosure Scotland, a Scottish Government agency providing criminal records disclosure services to be used by individuals, employers, and voluntary sector organisations.

At CAROLYN GLEN DISCLOSURE SERVICES, we can advise businesses, organisations, and individuals, on the appropriate level of disclosure they require, and take away much of the time consuming hassle to make the disclosure process simple.
Managing the Scottish Disclosure Process
We are registered with the governing body, Disclosure Scotland, as an umbrella body and can process and countersign employees and individual's disclosures on behalf of companies and organisations. This means your organisation can have all the benefits of the disclosure process, without having to register with Disclosure Scotland. Registering and using the disclosure service can be difficult if you don’t have a large Human Resources department with dedicated time for the administration of the process. We can save you time and money on administration and staff training, and keep you up to date with the latest changes to legislation.

There are strict rules on handling the information you receive. Remember this is confidential and personal information about individuals. Any breach of data protection could be very costly and embarrassing. Our services can relieve much of the pressure of setting up processes for handling this confidential data.

Talk to us about how we can take away the problems of managing disclosure applications, allowing you to get on with running your business or voluntary organisation. You can contact us for an informal conversation
Who We Can Help

We offer a cost effective service to businesses, organisations, and individuals. We can help:
  • With all disclosure applications and updates.
  • With Applications and information requests for PVG scheme members.
  • Self employed people working in sectors where a disclosure is required.
  • If you’re considering recruiting people into positions that will require to be disclosed.
  • When setting up a business in a sector where disclosures are required


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