Introduction to Disclosure Services

A Disclosure is a document containing impartial and confidential criminal record history held by the police and government departments which can be used by employers and organisations to make safer recruitment decisions.It is also used by individuals in their quest for work in specific posts or certain self employed positions.

Information Included

Each Disclosure application will provide certain information on the applicant and what is included will depend on the type of disclosure applied for :-

* Checks completed as per PVG Scheme Record but only those indicated with (tick) are shown on the certificate.
Anyone can apply for a Basic Disclosure in their own name. This might be requested for a new job, volunteer work or to support a visa application.

For regulated work with children or protected adults, the PVG Scheme is now the most appropriate type of check. Regulated work is the term used by the PVG Act to define the types of work which barred individuals must not do, and for which PVG Scheme membership is available.

Some employers and organisations can also apply for a Standard Disclosure (or Enhanced Disclosure for specific posts) for a potential new employee or a voluntary position. There is legislation available to employers and other organisations to determine what type of disclosure is required for a particular position.

Whilst most larger business and organisations have an HR department with certain staff that are eligible to oversee and countersign application, in the case of smaller businesses or individuals this is not necessarily so. This task needs to be undertaken by an Umbrella Body registered with and regulated by Disclosure Scotland. Carolyn Glen – Disclosure Services is one of these Umbrella Bodies and so are able to provide Disclosure Services for a range of companies and individuals across the whole of Scotland and the UK.

In support of the application, applicants will need to provide 3 forms of identification which must confirm details in respect of their name, date of birth and current address. At least one form must be photographic.
Documents used for identification purposes

• Current Passport
• Photographic Driving Licence
• National Identity Card
• National Entitlement Card
• Birth Certificate (full or short)
• Bus Pass

Documents used as proof of address

• Credit or debit card
• P45/P60 statement
• Utility bill (electricity, gas, water, telephone – including mobile phone contract/bill)
• Valid TV licence
• Credit card statement
• Store card statement
• Mortgage statement
• Valid insurance certificate
• Certificate of British nationality British work permit/visa
• Asylum Registration Card Personal correspondence or a document from a Government Dept.
• Bank or Building Society Document
• Financial statement eg. pension, endowment, ISA
• Mail order catalogue statement
• Court summons
• Valid NHS card
• Addressed pay slip

The document provided must be dated within the past 3 months at the time of application.

View the various Disclosure Levels for a more detailed breakdown on what each Disclosure and PVG supplies and who is eligible.


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